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1. cells src preparation

Clone the cells source code via:

# mkdir -p ~/Code/show/cells
# cd ~/Code/show/cells
# git clone
# cd cells-android10
# ls
cells  frameworks  kernel  system

2. aosp 10 src preparation

Clone the specified aosp 10 version(10.0.0_r33):

# mkdir -p ~/Code/show/aosp10
# cd ~/Code/show/aosp10
# repo init -u -b android-10.0.0_r33
# repo sync -j8

3. Kernel src preparation

For pixel 3a, clone the kernel src via:

# mkdir -p ~/Code/show/android-kernel
# cd ~/Code/show/android-kernel
#  repo init --depth 1 -u -b android-msm-bonito-4.9-android10
# repo sync -j4
# ls
build  build.config  prebuilts  prebuilts-master  private
# du -hs *
732K	build
0	build.config
189M	prebuilts
5.8G	prebuilts-master
870M	private

4. Driver binary preparation

Find the binary version from

QQ2A.200305.002	android-10.0.0_r30	Android10	Pixel 2、Pixel 2 XL、Pixel 3、Pixel 3 XL、Pixel 3a、Pixel 3a XL	2020-03-05

Downlod the driver binary from


Copy the downloaded files to aosp10 src tree:

# cp /root/Code/show/aosp10

5. Build kernel

Replace the source code via:

# mv private/msm-google private/msm-google.back
# cp -ar  ~/Code/show/cells/cells-android10/kernel/ private/msm-google

Build the kernel via:

# cd private/msm-google
# make mrproper
# cd ../../
# cp -r private/msm-google.back/techpack/ private/msm-google/
# vim build/
comment the line of soong_zip(line 798)
# build/

Examine the kernel out files:

# ls out/android-msm-pixel-4.9/dist/
abi.prop  Image.lz4              kernel-uapi-headers.tar.gz  wlan.ko
dtbo.img  kernel-headers.tar.gz  sdm670.dtb                  vmlinux

6. Build the aosp

Extract the binary files:

# ./ 
# ./ 

Replace the kernel:

# mv device/google/bonito-kernel/Image.lz4 device/google/bonito-kernel/Image.lz4.back
# cp /root/Code/show/android-kernel/out/android-msm-pixel-4.9/dist/Image.lz4 device/google/bonito-kernel/Image.lz4

Including the cells into building:

# cp -r /root/Code/show/cells/cells-android10/cells/ vendor/
# vim device/google/bonito/
Added at the last line:   
$(call inherit-product-if-exists, vendor/cells/

Building via:

# source build/
# lunch aosp_sargo-userdebug
# vim frameworks/base/data/etc/privapp-permissions-platform.xml
    <privapp-permissions package="">
        <permission name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH_PRIVILEGED"/>
# vim vendor/cells/switchsystem/src/com/cells/cellswitch/secure/view/
//import android.os.CellsManager;
//import android.os.ICellsManager;
# cp -r /root/Code/show/aosp10back/frameworks/multidex/library/
# m -j128

The building will failed, solved via:

# development/vndk/tools/header-checker/utils/  -l libbinder && development/vndk/tools/header-checker/utils/  -l libhwbinder_noltopgo && development/vndk/tools/header-checker/utils/  -l libhidlbase && m -j128


# ls out/target/product/sargo/*.img
out/target/product/sargo/boot-debug.img     out/target/product/sargo/ramdisk.img
out/target/product/sargo/boot.img           out/target/product/sargo/ramdisk-recovery.img
out/target/product/sargo/dtb.img            out/target/product/sargo/super_empty.img
out/target/product/sargo/dtbo.img           out/target/product/sargo/system.img
out/target/product/sargo/persist.img        out/target/product/sargo/system_other.img
out/target/product/sargo/product.img        out/target/product/sargo/vbmeta.img
out/target/product/sargo/ramdisk-debug.img  out/target/product/sargo/vendor.img

Final size for building:

# du -hs *
15G     android-kernel
177G    aosp10
2.4G    aosp10back
6.0G    cells

7. Flashing

With pixel 3a connected with usb:

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
92UAY04L95	device

$  adb reboot bootloader

Flash with following command:

$ fastboot devices
92UAY04L95	fastboot
$ export ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT=/root/Code/show/aosp10/out/target/product/sargo
$ fastboot flashall -w
Bootloader Version...: b4s4-0.2-6355063
Baseband Version.....: g670-00042-200421-B-6414611
Serial Number........: 92UAY04L95
Checking 'product'                                 OKAY [  0.058s]
Setting current slot to 'b'                        OKAY [  0.138s]
Erasing 'userdata'                                 OKAY [  0.311s]
Erase successful, but not automatically formatting.
File system type raw not supported.
Erasing 'metadata'                                 OKAY [  0.006s]
Erase successful, but not automatically formatting.
File system type raw not supported.
Rebooting                                          OKAY [  0.001s]
Finished. Total time: 336.662s

Flashing with wlan.ko, so that we could get wireless connection:

# disable-verity on the phone
adb root
adb disable-verity
adb shell sync
adb reboot

# push module
adb root
adb remount
adb push /media/nfs1/android-kernel/out/android-msm-pixel-4.9/dist/wlan.ko /vendor/lib/modules/

# reboot phone
adb reboot

8. Basic Usage

View the build number:

Control is the switch for dual-system:


Press Control shows the Start button:


The second system is starting:


After started:


Press Start for entering the 2nd system:


Press Control will show hints for Exit this system:


After exit, the system will show on the screen lock:


9. Customization

Language setting.

Install software shop in both system.:

$ adb install apks/MobileAssistant_1.apk 
Performing Streamed Install

Install more apks in both systems.

Changing the theme.