Re Organize My Blog Structure

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Recently I find it’s necessary to re-orgnize my blog structure, for past 8 years I’ve written nearly 1000 articles in this blog, they covered so many technologies, from embedded system to cloud-computing, also with my life’s blog. So I simply use Technology and Life for classifying them. Also I have to adjust my websiste’s compatibility to newest hugo(v0.64.0), previously I use an old version(v0.31.0) for building the whole website. Following are the steps for doing such a complicated task.

1. Structure Re-Orgnization

Replace all of the md files and markdown files’s categories:

$ cd /home/xxxxx/Code/
$ find . | xargs -I % sed -i 's/categories\ =.*/categories\ =\ ["Technology"]/g' %
$ find . | xargs -I % sed -i 's/categories:.*/categories:\ ["Technology"]/g' %

Some of the old markdown files didn’t have categories, manually add them:

$ sed -i '2s/$/categories:\ ["Technology"]/'  2013-07-*
$ sed -i '2s/$/categories:\ ["Technology"]/'  2013-08-*
$ sed -i '2s/$/categories:\ ["Technology"]/'  2013-09-*
$ sed -i '2s/$/categories:\ ["Technology"]/'  2013-10-*
$ sed -i '2s/$/categories:\ ["Technology"]/'  2013-11-0*
$ sed -i '2s/$/categories:\ ["Technology"]/'  2013-11-11*
$ sed -i '2s/$/categories:\ ["Technology"]/'  2013-11-12*

By-now all of the posts are Technology related, manually change some posts to LinuxTips and Life.

2. Upgrade hugo

Download the newest hugo version from official site and put it in binary directory:

$ cd binaries 
$ ls
hugo  hugo_v031
$ ./hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.64.1/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

Adjust some for generate properly(hyde-a theme adjustment):

$ rm -f
$ vim
{{ partial "head.html" . }}
<div class="content container">
  <div class="posts">
+++    {{ $paginator := .Paginate (where .Site.RegularPages "Type" "in" site.Params.mainSections) }}
    {{ range $paginator.Pages }}

Now commit all of the changes, the ci/cd for blogging will automatically use the newest version of hugo for building-out the static website.