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dnsmasq for ubuntu

systemd-resolved will listen on 53 port, disable it via:

# vim /etc/systemd/resolved.conf
# systemctl enable dnsmasq

Disable the system-resolved.service:

# systemctl disable systemd-resolved.service
# systemctl stop systemd-resolved.service
# echo nameserver>/etc/resolv.conf
# chattr -e /etc/resolv.conf
# chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf
# ufw disable
# docker swarm leave
# docker swarm init

registry proxy issue

Enable the registry proxy will slow down the registry cached image download speed, solved it via:

# vim config.yml

#	remoteurl:

Then restart the docker registry service(the docker instance), the pulling speed will greatly reduced.

dind Registry

registry mirror should point to a real ip, rather than, another word, you could not use inner docker bridge address for registry usage.


Go could be directly migration from the old iso distribution.

cubic issue

Alway use a new directory for customize your new iso distribution!!!!!!