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I downloaded some template from, but none of them work properly, following are the trouble-shooting of template.

  1. Change the data source.
    View the json file, get its input field:
  "__inputs": [
      "name": "DS_BC-GRAPHITE",
      "label": "BC-Graphite",
      "description": "",
      "type": "datasource",
      "pluginId": "graphite",
      "pluginName": "Graphite"

This means you have to define a datasource named DS_BC-GRAPHITE, like following:


  1. Change collectd’s write_graphite structure.


The item could not be displayed properly, because the definition for data listed as:


so you should have following definition in /etc/collectd.conf:


Notice collectd., this means you could use collectd.* for getting the data.