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Borrowed from lab, written via a janpanese author.
/images/2017_07_31_09_20_33_1054x739.jpg This article will record the reading tips on Chapter 2(libvirtd related).

Network Configuration

Edit the netoworking definition xml:

$ cat internal.xml
	<bridge name='virbr8'/>
$  cat external.xml
	<bridge name='virbr9'/>

Define the networking via following commands:

$ sudo virsh net-define external.xml
Network external defined from external.xml

$ sudo virsh net-autostart external
Network external marked as autostarted

$ sudo virsh net-start external
Network external started

$ libvirt sudo virsh net-list
 Name                 State      Autostart     Persistent
 default              active     no            yes
 external             active     yes           yes
 internal             active     yes           yes
 kubernetes           active     yes           yes

View the configuration in virt-manager: