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Working items on one-click deployment of oracle database.


Based on:

Refers to:

System: oracle/welcome1
Database: sys/oracle

Linux Client

Yaourt has the linux client for accessing oracle Db:

Installing method:
Download the file from

Create Database

Create database using following command:

[vagrant@dbserver1 ~]$ su - oracle
-bash-4.2$ sqlplus "/as sysdba"

Now you got the shell like SQL>, you could input the sql in this shell:

Run `1_create_user_and_tablespace_dash.sql`

Create tables/metadatas

The first step will create the database user, then you could login into the database using this user, using SQL Devloper for login and execute the command:


Execute the following script:

msp_XXX.sql(Including 2 scripts)   


Tips for getting the db config:

 SQL> show parameter service_names;
service_names			     string	 db1.private

Then your configuration should use the same service_names as described.