Hugo And TravisCI Issue

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In this morning when I get up and try to write something in my blog, I found the blog won’t upate. In travisCI website I got something very strange like following picture shows:


Error info:

Failed to normalize URL string. Returning in = "/"


As discussed in this post:

This is because hugo now holds its own dependencies using govendor, you could view from its repository:

$ cd $GOPATH
$ cd src/ 
$ ls -l vendor 
total 16
-rw-r--r-- 1 dash root 14793 Jan  3 11:23 vendor.json


Using govendor for syncing the dependencies, the modified .travis.yml is listed as following:

    - go get -u -v
    - go get -u -v
    - cd $GOPATH/src/ && govendor sync && go install

    - cd $HOME/gopath/src/ && hugo

Save changes and commit it into github, the travis building will start again, this time you won’t failed.