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In this series I will collect some of the tips in using ansible for playing automation deployment.

co-operation with vagrant ssh

Method: In inventory file, add vagrant’s ssh key.
First you should get the ssh indentity file via:

$ vagrant ssh-config | grep IdentityFile
# result should be your private key and not
#   .vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/private_key

Add these file definition into your inventory file:

[master] ansible_ssh_port=22 ansible_ssh_user=vagrant ansible_ssh_private_key_file=/var1/Nov14/test/.vagrant/machines/master/virtualbox/private_key

[node1] ansible_ssh_port=22 ansible_ssh_user=vagrant ansible_ssh_private_key_file=/var1/Nov14/test/.vagrant/machines/node1/virtualbox/private_key

now you will use vagrant and its indentity file for accessing the nodes.

Ignore ssh authenticity

Make a file named ansible.cfg under your deployment folder:

$ vim ansible.cfg
host_key_checking = False

Or use the environment variables for deploying:

$ ANSIBLE_HOST_KEY_CHECKING=False ansible-playbook -i inventory testall.yml

become method

The usage of sudo is not be encouraged for using, instead we use:

- hosts: all
  become: true
  become_user: root
  gather_facts: no
  remote_user: vagrant

touch method

To make sure the file is touched, before we use touch somefile, now we use:

    - name: touch something in the /tmp
      file: path=/tmp/abc.txt state=touch

Specify the username/password

Edit the inventory file:


Ping all of the nodes


$ ansible all -m ping -i inventory

Change the default gw

Add following scripts into the Vagrantfile:

  # default router
  config.vm.provision "shell",
    run: "always",
    inline: "route add default gw"

  # default router ipv6
  #config.vm.provision "shell",
  #  run: "always",
  #  inline: "route -A inet6 add default gw fc00::1 eth1"

  # delete default gw on eth0
  config.vm.provision "shell",
    run: "always",
    inline: "eval `route -n | awk '{ if ($8 ==\"eth0\" && $2 != \"\") print \"route del default gw \" $2; }'`"

Ignore first time ssh key checking

Edit the following options:

$ vim ansible.cfg
host_key_checking = False