Moving Docker Repository Position

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Since the root partition is not so large, I have to change the default position of the docker repository, following are the steps:

Make a soft link to the docker repository via:

$ sudo mkdir DockerRepo
$ sudo chown -R dash:dash DockerRepo
$ sudo chmod  777 -R DockerRepo
$ sudo tar -zcC /var/lib docker > /home/juju/DockerRepo/var_lib_docker-backup-$(date +%s).tar.gz
$ ls -l -h /home/juju/DockerRepo
$ sudo mv /var/lib/docker /home/juju/DockerRepo/
$ sudo ln -s /home/juju/DockerRepo/docker /var/lib/docker
$ sudo service docker restart
$ sudo service docker status

Notice: the tar -zcC will take a long time, be patient.
In systemd like system, you should firstly stop docker.service, after moving, restarting the docker.service.

Change Docker Parameters

Ubuntu/Debian: edit your /etc/default/docker file with the -g option: DOCKER_OPTS="-dns -dns -g /mnt"