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1. Logsnash/Zabbix

Use Zabbix for monitoring the CloudStack Agents/Management Node?

2. OpenStack Liberty

3. Newly added todoes

Added todoes issue in .zshrc:

alias vitodos='cdheroku && vim source/_posts/2015-10-19-todothings-1.markdown'
alias cattodos='cdheroku && cat source/_posts/2015-10-19-todothings-1.markdown'

4. Improve Your Efficiency

Improve Linux efficiency

5. BenchMarking

ArchLinux Tools For Benchmarking

6. Performance Monitoring

nagios and weixin.

7. Data Visualization

Draw air pollution in Graphite?

8. Autossh

Auto ssh connection for some computer acrossing the internet.

9. Quickly

I want to write some scripts for quickly setup the O..Stack env.

10. RunOrNot

It’s an app for judging run or not via fetching the data from various weather and pm25 webiste, and generate the report.