Tips On Using SpaceWalker For Deploying CentOS7

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After SpaceWalker has been setup, the configuration we need to done is listed as following:

In /etc/rhn/rhn.conf change the value of the parameter to the ip address of the spacewalk server.
In /etc/cobbler/settings change the value of the parameters server and redhat_management_server to the ip-address of the spacewalk server.

Install cobbler bootloaders via:

# yum install -y cobbler-loaders

Build Customized ISO

via cobbler buildiso, and in the same folder you will get generated.iso.

Add Customized Channel

Under the Channel-> Management Software Channel-> Create New Channel.


Repo sync via:

# spacewalk-repo-sync -c spacewalker_rhel7_23 -u \

Add Ubuntu Deployment