Migration of OpenContril

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This article is not for opencontril itself, but for migration of the existing environment to local machines.


Machine configuration is listed as: u12-control u12-compute1 u12-compute2   s179

The control node and 2 compute nodes are running in machine s179, the tasks for me to do is for moving them from s179 to 2 physical machine.

Use Remote KVM Server

First we copy our ssh-key to the remote s179 machine, so next time we won’t enter any passwd for accessing the remote libvirtd:

$ ssh-copy-id root@

In our own machine, we listed remote’s machines via:

$ virsh -c qemu+ssh://root@ list --all
 Id    Name                           State
 14    u14-ui                         running
 16    u14-compute2                   running
 22    u14-compute1                   running
 39    de1-contro                     running
 -     centos6.4-management-01        shut off
 -     centos6.4-management-02        shut off

Add connection via: File-> Add New Connection, then configure like following:


First scp the image file to to destination machine, this will take a while.
Dump the xml via:

$ virsh dumpxml xxxxx>xxxx.xml

Scp the xml file to destination machine and move to /etc/libvirt/qemu/, change the priviledge of the file:

$ sudo chmod 777 /home/clouder/iso/Ubuntu1404-Newly-Installed-with-Update.img

Edit the corresponding configuration in the xml file:

$ sudo vim /etc/libvirt/qemu/xxxx.xml
<source file='/home/clouder/iso/Ubuntu1404-Newly-Installed-with-Update.img'/>

Define the xml under the /etc/libvirt/qemu/ folder:

root@pc121:/etc/libvirt/qemu# virsh define ./Ubuntu1404-Newly-Installed-with-Update.xml 
Domain Ubuntu1404-Newly-Installed-with-Update defined from ./Ubuntu1404-Newly-Installed-with-Update.xml

Install the guest tool and use it for editing the virtual machine:

$ sudo apt-get install libguestfs-tools
$ sudo virt-edit -d Ubuntu1404-Newly-Installed-with-Update /etc/network/interfaces

After change the network configuration, we could start the machine via virsh start Ubuntu1404-Newly-Installed-with-Update, it will have the newly edited ip address.

If we use different host machine, then change the following definition in xml file:

$ sudo vim /etc/libvirt/qemu/xxxx.xml