Play Docker(5)

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Since I enabled OpenSuse, later all of the docker related operation could be operated on OpenSuse13.2.


Install docker via:

$ sudo zypper in docker
$ which docker

Specify Storage Location

The /var directory has the limitation, thus we have to specify the storage locateion in /etc/sysconfig/docker:

$ pwd
$  cat docker 

## Path           : System/Management
## Description    : Extra cli switches for docker daemon
## Type           : string
## Default        : ""
## ServiceRestart : docker
DOCKER_OPTS="-g /home/xxxxxx/Code/Virtualization/Docker/docker/"

Now we could use the nearly 2T Size /home partition for storing docker images..

Use China Resources

The default dockhub is banned by GFW, so we have to use replacement repository in China.
Add the options to /ec/sysconfig/docker:

DOCKER_OPTS="-g /home/clouder/Code/Virtualization/Docker/docker/ --insecure-registry"

Then restart the docker via systemctl restart docker, after them we could use following command for pull back images:

$ sudo docker pull

After pull back ,check the name of our fetched back ubuntu:14.04 is:

$ sudo docker images            14.04               5506de2b643b        3 months ago        197.8 MB            latest              5506de2b643b        3 months ago        197.8 MB

Change to a differenet tag name:

$ sudo docker tag ubuntu:14.04

Now check again and you will find the long and hard-to-remember name has been changed to ubuntu:14.04.
Our version of docker runs on OpenSuse is:

$ docker --version
Docker version 1.4.1, build 5bc2ff8