Set Tiny Tiny Rss Reader on DigitalOcean

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Since Google Reader has been closed, many guys cannot find suitable Rss Reader for personal use. Following is a simple guildeline for setting up the Tiny Tiny Rss Reader on DigitalOcean, using docker, it’s pretty simple for setting up .

Container Setup

Build two containers:

cd code
mkdir TinyTinyRss
cd TinyTinyRss/
git clone
cd docker-ttrss/
docker run -d --name ttrssdb nornagon/postgres
docker run -d --link ttrssdb:db -p 8078:80 clue/ttrss

ttrssdb is the dababase name for postgres, while the clue/ttrss is the tinytinyRss Webapp.


Visit the following URL:
Then you would see the following picture:
The default username/password is admin/123456

Commit Changes

List the running images and commit the changes to the new container:

~# docker ps
700c82aa344b        clue/ttrss:latest          /bin/sh -c 'php /con   3 days ago          Up 3 days >80/tcp                                             dreamy_davinci 
# docker commit 700c82aa344b wmz_tinyrss

Now we could stop the running container and changes the listening port.

# docker stop 700c82aa344b
# docker run -d --link ttrssdb:db -p 8080:80 wmz_tinyrss

Now the tinyRss listens on 8080 port.