Virtual Node Environment For PhoneGap Development

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I met some tutorials which were write one or two years ago, while at that time the corresponding plugins are in an old version, so I need to find a whole “virtual” environment for developing these tutorials.

Install Nodeenv

“Node.js virtual environment builder” — is the introduction for Nodeenv.
Install it via:

$ virtualenv2 venv
source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install nodeenv
(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ which nodeenv
(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ nodeenv --version

With this nodeenv we could setup all kinds of the dev environments.

Wrok With Nodeenv

Install the node.js first, this may cause long time:

(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ nodeenv nodeenv 
 * Install node.js (0.10.33 
[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ du -hs *
170M    nodeenv
8.9M    venv
(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ ls
nodeenv  npm-debug.log  venv
(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ . nodeenv/bin/activate 
(nodeenv)(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ which npm
(nodeenv)(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ which node

Now we could install the specified version of PhoneGap, first we should find the specified versions:

$ npm view phonegap

This will returns the specified versions of all of the phonegap.
Choose whichever you want.

$ npm install phonegap@2.9.0-rc1-0.12.2

This will install the phonegap around Dec,2013, which should be fit well to the tutorial.
Then re-activate , or manually modify the PATH as:

$ export PATH=/home/Trusty/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0/nodeenv/bin:$PATH
(nodeenv)(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ phonegap -v

Run Tutorial

Create Apps

Create the app via following command:

(nodeenv)(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ npm config set https_proxy
(nodeenv)(venv)[Trusty@~/code/30days/PhoneGap2.9.0]$ npm config set proxy
$ phonegap create audero-feed-reade "Audero Feed Reader"