Moving System on 1T Harddisk(3)

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In fact this series is not only for customization of the surface pro, it becomes the written-tips for what I’ve installed on my ArchLinux. So later all of the necessary packages installation I will record them here.

1. postgres
Install via:

sudo pacman -S postgresql

Start postgresql service:

$ sudo systemctl start postgresql

Now begin to configurate the postgres:

$ sudo -i -u postgres
[postgres@kkkttt ~]$ initdb --locale en_US.UTF-8 -E UTF8 -D '/var/lib/postgres/data'
[postgres@kkkttt ~]$ createuser --interactive
Enter name of role to add: kkkt
Shall the new role be a superuser? (y/n) y

Test of create temp db via:

[kkkt@/usr/lib/systemd/system]$ createdb kkkttmp    

2. dhclient
Sometime we really need this dhclient for debugging. Especially when you want to get the specified port address.

sudo pacman -S dhclient 

3. dnscrypt-proxy
At most of the times the dns will be pulluted, so need this guy for sending the encrypted quest and get the response the safe DNS provider.

sudo pacman -S  dnscrypt-proxy

4. cmake
For making some opensource projects:

sudo pacman -S cmake

5. cbatticon
This little tool is for displaying battery status at the tray, install it via:

sudo pacman -S cbatticon

Add it to the singleview/dualview/triview setting files.

6. nitrogen
For setting up different picture at startup.

$ sudo pacman -S nitrogen

Add following line into the startup file:

$ nitrogen --restore

7. nmap
For scannning all of the living machine in the LAN.

sudo pacman -S namp 

Scan via:

nmap -sP 192.168.1.*