Share Mouse between ArchLinux & Yosemite

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Fixed IP

First configure the IP for Yosemite on router, since the Archlinux takes the 221, Yosemite may use 220 for its fixed ip.

ArchLinux Setting

I use ArchLinux as the synergy server, so first install synergy via:

$ sudo pacman -S synergy

I want to place Yosemite at the right of the ArchLinux, So just configure the /etc/hosts like following.

$ tail /etc/hosts
# For setting Synergy      Yosemite.lan            Yosemite


[root@kkkkttt kkkt]# cp /etc/synergy.conf.example /etc/synergy.conf

For easily configure the synergy, download qsynergy.

$ sudo pacman -S qsynergy

Then store its configuration to the /etc/synergy.conf.

Start the server and enable the server.

# systemctl enable synergys@mary
# systemctl start synergys@mary

Yosemite Setting

Download the SynergyKM from, and configure the SynergyKM connected to
Also you have to check Start at login

Now place the Yosemite at the left of the ArchLinux, your mouse and keyboard could be freely switching from 2 machines.