Linux2.6.32 for Utu2440(6)

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Flash Disk

Enable the scsi device support in kernel configuration:
Then enable the usb support:

* Support for Host-side USB
* USB device filesystem(DEPRECATED)
* OHCI HCD support
* USB Mass Storage support

Also enable the filesystem support for FAT/FAT16/FAT32/EXT4:

change the default u-boot parameters:

utu-bootloader=>>>printenv bootcmd
bootcmd=nand read.i 0x32000000 0x60000 0x200000; bootm
utu-bootloader=>>>setenv bootcmd 'tftp 30000000 uImage; bootm'
utu-bootloader=>>>printenv bootcmd
bootcmd=tftp 30000000 uImage; bootm
Saving Environment to NAND...
Erasing Nand...Writing to Nand... done

Next time the reboot will directly download the kernel file from tftp server and bootm it from memory.

Also please enable the filesystem support on FAT/FAT32/ext4, etc, then next time you insert the USB Disk, it will automatically scanned and recognize your partitions.


From the schematic image we could see:

Add the following definition in arch/arm/mach-s3c2440/mach-smdk2440.c:

// Added for mmc
#include <linux/mmc/host.h>
#include <plat/mci.h>

/* MMC/SD */
static struct s3c24xx_mci_pdata smdk2440_mmc_cfg = {
    .gpio_detect = S3C2410_GPG(8),
    .gpio_wprotect = S3C2410_GPH(8),
    .set_power = NULL,
    .ocr_avail = MMC_VDD_32_33|MMC_VDD_33_34,

static struct platform_device *smdk2440_devices[] __initdata = {
	&s3c_device_sdi,  // Added SD card into the platform equipments 

static void __init smdk2440_machine_init(void)

+    	/* Add support for mmc in smdk2440 */
+ = &smdk2440_mmc_cfg;

Kernel configuration:

Device Drivers --->
<*> MMC/SD/SDIO card support --->
<*> MMC block device driver
<*> Secure Digital Host Controller Interface support
<*> Samsung S3C SD/MMC Card Interface support

Then re-compile the kernel and verify.
Only 1G’s mmc card could be supported currently. I didn’t test other volumns.

Sound Card

The sound card’s schematic is listed as:
Then made code changes in:

// Sound Card
#include <sound/s3c24xx_uda134x.h>

/*Sound card*/
static struct s3c24xx_uda134x_platform_data s3c24xx_uda134x_data = {
    .l3_clk = S3C2410_GPB(4),
    .l3_data = S3C2410_GPB(3),
    .l3_mode = S3C2410_GPB(2),
    .model = UDA134X_UDA1341,

static struct platform_device s3c24xx_uda134x = {
    .name = "s3c24xx_uda134x",
         .dev = {
         .platform_data = &s3c24xx_uda134x_data,

static struct platform_device *smdk2440_devices[] __initdata = {
        &s3c24xx_uda134x, // Register the UDA1341 platform device to kernel

Kernel Configuration:

Then re-compile the kernel and verify it on utu2440.

Test steps:

$ cat /root/test.wav>/dev/dsp
$ cat /proc/devices
10 misc
 13 input
 14 sound
 21 sg
 29 fb

Now cross-compile mad-player for playing mp3.

Download the madplayer and cross-compiler.

$ ./configure CC=arm-linux-gcc --host=arm --prefix=/srv/nfs4/rootfs/usr/
$ make clean && make
$ sudo make install

Trouble shooting:

/bin # /bin/sh madplay 
madplay: line 1: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting ")")

[Trusty@/media/y/embedded/utu2440/App/madplay-0.15.2b]$ arm-linux-readelf -a madplay | grep interpreter
      [Requesting program interpreter: /lib/]

Solution: copy all of the dynamic library from the cross-compiler to the root file system:

$ sudo cp -f /opt/cross/arm-linux-gcc_4.3.2/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/libc/armv4t/lib/*so* /srv/nfs4/rootfs/lib -a

Download the libmad from:

$ ./configure --prefix=/srv/nfs4/rootfs/usr/ --host=arm-linux CC=arm-linux-gcc
$ make && make install

When run madplay, it will complains the Bus Error, need further debugging.