Ethernet Wakeup

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I want to wake up my laotop via RaspberryPi, since Rpi’s power consumption is extremely low, so this will greatly save the power for laptop.

Check Status

On laptop, type following command to see whether your ethernet card support Wake-On-LAN or not:

[Trusty@~]$ sudo ethtool enp0s25 | grep Wake-on
	Supports Wake-on: pumbg
	Wake-on: g

The values define what activity to wake on: p (PHY activity), u (unicast activity), m (multicast activity), b (broadcast activity), a (ARP activity), and g (magic packet activity).We need g for WOL to work.

RaspberryPI Configuration

Make sure wol is installed, then you should know the target PC’s ipaddress and mac address.
Wakeup the remote machine via:

$ wol -i c8:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

You could also set this command into a alias in ~/.bashrc.