Run BBB building in server

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Since building is heavy task to CPU, I decide to use the server in lab for building


We need to install following packages for setting up the building environment:

zypper in git patch u-boot-tools git ncurses-devel dpkg dpkg-devel dpkg-lang

Use git for acrossing the firewall of company:

> git config --global
> git config --global xxxx
> cat ~/.gitconfig
	email =
	name = xxx 

Then we compile a cross Firewall tool and tell git for using it.

$ gcc -o connect connect.c
$ sudo cp connect /usr/bin
$ sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin/connect
$ sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin/myproxy
$ cat /usr/bin/myproxy
/usr/bin/connect -H $@

Now add the following lines in ~/.gitconfig:

	gitproxy = /usr/bin/myproxy

Testing the git via:

git clone git://


Be sure the directory had the same as in laptop. that is:

> pwd

For long-time building, I install tmux for handling the process:

zypper in tmux

Under the folder, run then you could get the Linux Kernel.
fakeroot should be installed in openSUSE:
rpm -ivh fakeroot-1.20-1.18.x86_64.rpm

You should change the following files to enable the hostname:

Linux59:~ # cat /etc/hostname
Linux59:~ # cat /etc/hosts	localhost.localdomain	localhost	Linux59.localdomain	Linux59

Now run hostname via:

Linux59:~ # hostname --fqdn

Now run ./ you could get the deb file.

Building Angstrom

First you should check out the git source from github:

git clone git://

Then run:

$ MACHINE=beagleboard ./ config beagleboard


First I met tmux issue. so I installed the tmux in router(OpenWRT):

opkg update
opkg install tmux

Then I use tmux in router,create the new session which holds the ssh connection to the Server.

Then in family computer, the git proxy configuraiton won’t reset even if I update the ~/.gitconfig. This problem didn’t solved. I don’t know why.