OpenSuse vlan configuration modification

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The command is listed as following:

linux:/etc/udev # cd rules.d/
linux:/etc/udev/rules.d # ls
10-network.rules  55-libsane.rules  56-sane-backends-autoconfig.rules  70-kpartx.rules  70-persistent-net.rules  99-iwlwifi-led.rules
linux:/etc/udev/rules.d # cat 70-persistent-net.rules
SUBSYSTEM=="net", ATTR{address}=="00:xx:xx:xx:xx", NAME="eth1", DRIVERS=="?*"
linux:/etc/udev/rules.d # cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/vlan.service
Description=Add Vlan Configure 



Change persistent name from enp0s25 to eth1 and let it possible to add vlan on this interface.

And start the vlan configuration at the very last of the systemd working.