Moving From Working PC to Own USB-Disk Based 6

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As for i686 only support 4GB at most memory, we have to change the existing memory into a new one. PAE based kernel will support up to 64GB memory, so we upgrade our kernel to this one:

yaourt -S linux-pae

Building will take for a while, two tips is:

  1. Change the building directory from TMPDIR="/tmp" to TMPDIR=/real_file_system, this configuration file is /etc/makepkg.conf.
  2. Add the MAKEFLAGS="-j6", this will speed-up the building procedure.


We have to set following variables, in /etc/locale.conf:

# Enable UTF-8 with Australian settings.

# Keep the default sort order (e.g. files starting with a '.'
# should appear at the start of a directory listing.)

# Set the short date to YYYY-MM-DD (test with "date +%c")

Then we install the googlepinyin input method via:

sudo pacman -S fcitx-googlepinyin

Now hit CTRL+SPACE you can call the goolgepinyin out.

Some Other Tools

Install strace for tracing the program:

sudo pacman -S strace


sudo pacman -S flashplugin

quazilla, another browser:

sudo pacman -S qupzilla

When writing octopress based blogs, you will face .rvmrc cannot executed, then enable the terminal emulator’s setting, change it as run as login shell.

Some more tips will be added later.