Moving From Working PC To Own USB-Disk Based 2

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Install Software


Chromium, we need this browser absolutesly:

$ sudo pacman -S chromium
Select 1/8

Oh, we forget install X, so first we will install X:

X Window

Install xorg first:

$ sudo pacman -S xorg xorg-xinit

Awesome Window Manager;

$ sudo pacman -S awesome

Edit the .xinitrc file, add following lines:

exec awesome

Necessary video driver:

$ sudo pacman -S xf86-video-intel xf86-video-ati

Continue Internet

Firefox, another browser, pidgin, for chatting, thunderbird for email, wget for downloading:

sudo pacman -S firefox pidgin thunderbird wget


Libreoffice,need download 253MB, so take a break:

$ sudo pacman -S libreoffice
# choose Enter-> 25-> Enter


Install xterm first, initial term:

$ sudo pacman -S xterm

xfce4-terminal will be installed in next chapterVncserver.
gnome-terminal is a good option:

$ sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal


Install tigervnc

$ sudo pacman -S tigervnc

Use xfce4 for remote vnc(For many users may not familiar with awesome desktop):

$ sudo pacman -S xfce4 
# choose (default=all)

Configure vncserver:

$ cat ~/.vnc/xstartup 

exec startxfce4

With VNC, you can start up the X and let the chromium sync up its bookmarks.


Install evince for viewing pdf and other documents:

$ sudo pacman -S evince

Install gimp for processing pictures:

$ sudo pacman -S gimp


Install smplayer:

sudo pacman -S smplayer

Without ALSA, you can do nothing, so install it.

sudo pacman -S alsa-utils


Install gvim and eclipse:

$ sudo pacman -S gvim eclipse

Git and Subversion:

$ sudo pacman -S git subversion

Wireshark and Tcpdump:

$ sudo pacman -S wireshark-gtk tcpdump

ddd and gdb for debugging:

$ sudo pacman -S ddd gdb

meld for comparing files:

$ sudo pacman -S meld


Install qemu and virtualbox:

sudo pacman -S virtualbox qemu

Chinese Localization

Install fonts for chinese:

$ sudo pacman -S wqy-bitmapfont wqy-microhei wqy-microhei-lite wqy-zenhei

Install fcitx input method:

$ sudo pacman -S fcitx fcitx-libpinyin fcitx-configtool fcitx-qt4 fcitx-qt5

Configuration will be wrote later.

System Tools

rox for file browser:

$ sudo pacman -S rox

gpicview for picture viewer:

$ sudo pacman -S gpicview

Conky for viewing the tasks:

$ sudo pacman -S conky

.conky file will be downloaded from the github(Later I will upload). .xinitrc file will be uploaded to github.

Now step2 is OK, we will use usd-disk for rebooting.