Download Android Source Code on RaspberryPI

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Just a try. I don’t think I will use raspberryPI for developing, but using it for downloading code is a good idea.
###Go Back Home My raspberryPI is behind the router, so I have to use a ssh tunnel to reach raspberryPI.
Setting up tunnel:

$ ssh -L 2230: -l root

Login on local port:

$ ssh root@localhost -p 2230

Now we have a terminal which could reach raspberry PI.
###Package Preparation Since the OS on my raspberryPI is ArchLinux, I have to install following packages:

$ pacman -S w3m tmux lynx

###Account Setting Use w3m for accessing

But, remember, I have a BBB which also runs at home, so I can also use it.

$ apt-get install elinks

Use elinks for making connection to, remember the username, and the machine and login name, just copy them into your ~/.netrc, and make sure you have the right priviledge for the file ~/.netrc.
###Repo sync This will take for a long~long time, depending on your bandwidth:

repo init -u -b master

then we use the following file for sync the repo:


while [ 1 ]
    repo sync -j8
    if [ "$?" = "0" ] ; then
        echo "rsync completed normally"
        echo "Rsync failure. Backing off and retrying..."
        sleep 1

Now call tmux for holding the sync procedure:

$ tmux new -s Android
$ /bin/bash ./ 2>&1 | tee autodown.log
$ ctrl+b d

The sync process now is held in tmux session. Let it go, next time when you want to see the procedure, just ssh to the board use:

tmux a -t Android