Command and Conquer 2

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From FullCircle issue 24, to issue 55

C&C 11

This chapter tells you how to automatical your tasks using crontab.
Useful commands

	find /var/logs/ -name "*.log" | while read line; do cat "${line}"; done
	sudo crontab -e root

crontab format:

*/5 * * * * command Every 5 minutes
00 18 * * sun command Every Sunday at 6

C&C 12

This Chapter tells you how to use different shell, and its history, functions.

C&C 13

This chapter tell you how to listen music using MOC(Music On Console), and use IRC under terminal(irssi), later I will install them and try.

C&C 14

This chapter introduce how to change you prompt,(export PS1), some useful tools, for example:
“watch vmstat” will display the vmstat every 2 seconds.
Tiling window manager, awesome, DWM, Xmodnad, ratpoison, ion, etc.

C&C 15

This chapter take ping for example and show you how to use man and help.

C&C 16

This chapter shows how to detect and bind keys.
xev for X, showkey for terminal, for detecting keys.
.Xmodmap for key definition, keycode 153 = XF86MonBrightnessDown
/usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h contains all of the list of the symbols, extra function keys in /usr/include/X11/XKeySymDB
Further Reading:

C&C 17

This chapter shows disk usage skills.

C&C 18

This chapter introduce harddisk and S.M.A.R.T

C&C 19

This chapter introduct screen, remember use ctlr+a /d for detaching the session.

C&C 20

This chapter continue introducing screen, for sharing session:
ctrl + a :multiuser on ctrl+a :acladd
Other user connect via screen -x $USER/<screenID/name>
Other different commands.

C&C 21

Introducing Tmux for remote usage.Also byobu is introduced.

C&C 22

Switch to ZSH, need to re-read after back.

C&C 23

Colorscheme, need to re-read after back.

C&C 24

Talks on how to set ssh proxy.

C&C 25

gstm of GUI program which did ssh port forwarding.
diff usage

C&C 26

wget and curl, use it according to your own habit.

C&C 27

Network Configuration.

C&C 28

fdisk, find, etc.

C&C 29

Classic Command List.

C&C 30

Language for System.

C&C 31

conky skills, let conky display how many updates available.

C&C 32

Conky skills, his conky could display the listening music and album picture.But how about the pandora?

C&C 33

Conky skills, to-do and the zenity for creating the diaglog.

C&C 34

zenity configuration, MPD daemon.

C&C 35

Asia Language support, in fact we are much more professionaler than the author :)

C&C 36

Use of graphicmagic, which derived from imagik from 2002, try it later.

C&C 37

Latex Introduction.

C&C 38

Issue 51, damaged.

C&C 40

Latex continued.

C&C 41

/etc/motd(Message Of The Day)

C&C 42

vim/gvim, notice some command, and author’s vimrc file.

C&C 43

Advance usage of vi/vim , TBD