FC1 reading digest

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Following is the reading digests for reading the FullCircle 1:

  1. Page 5, remember visit www.ubuntutribe.com for recent updates for Ubuntu Tribe Movie.
  2. Page 6, OLPC’s current status?
  3. Page 19, Scribus series.
  4. Page 18, MythTV on Ubuntu.
  5. Page 29, try GRAMPS, and try to read its sourcecode, and its implementation of the relationships. Its relationship could also be applied to the company structure. And the relationship representation, I mean, its images are well described as the relationship.
  6. Page 34, Deluge’s author interview is very good. Then we can also view his code and see deluge’s present and its comparison to other torrent software, seems azura is vanished?
  7. Page 38, Burn your DVD into other formats, for example, mp3 or other videos.
  8. Page 38, My story says beryl, and here they also said beryl, and two websites www.gnome-look.org and www.kde-look.org, try to visit and get its latest status.
  9. Page 39, try to customize your own desktop like the author’s.
  10. Page 40, game, battle for wesnoth and neverball try.