Miragating from ASP to Wordpress(2)

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Recent days I am doing a data migration from asp website to WordPress, Following is how-to. ###Database First we have to download the whole website content from the server, in my situation, the website contains a database called “xxxx.mdb”, I downloaded this database and renamed its name to “origin.mdb" We can use Microsoft Access for opening this database file, and from the left side panel we can see all of the tables. We know the about/news1/news2/news3/news4 table which contains the actual webpages content. We can see the picture of news1 which displayed as following: /images/tablesInAccess.jpg ###CSV Preparation In a Ubuntu machine, we install mdbtools via following command:

	$ sudo apt-get install mdbtools

Export the specified tables from the mdb file:

	$ mdb-export origin.mdb news > news.csv

The CSV file is seperated via semicolon, just linke following:

	$ cat news.csv
	58,"关于海外游学",,,"<DIV><B><FONT size=2 face=Arial>关于游学</FONT></B></DIV>
	<DIV><FONT size=2><FONT face=Arial><STRONG></STRONG><B></B></FONT></FONT>&n

Now the news.csv contains all of the content which contains in the news table. ###WordPress Plugins Installation Install the WP Ultimate CSV Importer for importing the csv into the WordPress: This Plug-ins is fairly frendly, we simply upload the csv onto the plug-in, the plugin will analyse the csv’s content,and begin to mapping the database fields. /images/csvimport.jpg

Notice: You can import the csv into posts or pages, here I choose “Pages”, and it got the Parent Pages, so first you have to create the parent page, just as following: /images/parentpage.jpg

The content of parent page named “[child_pages]” is also another plug-in, this plug-in is called “Child Pages Shortcode”, after installed it, you can get the “screenshots” of the child pages. The actual effects is listed as following picture: /images/childpageshot.jpg

Another plug-in is called “Children Index Shortcode”. This plug-in will generate all of the child pages’ hyper-links. You can call this plug-in via insert “children-index” into the content of the parent page. ###Change The Theme You can easily install themes in wordpress, via Appearence->Theme. Currently I use “BlackBird Wordpress Theme”, the default suport of chinese is pretty good. Things to be do:

  1. Check all of the images.
  2. Beautify the pages.
  3. Customize the pages.