Deploy Weather APP on RaspberryPI

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Since I enabled the RaspberryPI and disabled the PogoPlug, I have to move the Weather App on RaspberryPI. The main difference lies on the python version, on PogoPlug the default python version is python2.7, while on RaspberryPI it’s python3.3, thus I have to use the virtualenvironment of Python.

###Setup the virtualenv Following is the steps for setting up the virtual environment for python2.7 on ArchLinux:

	$ mkdir ~/pyves
	$ cat >~/.virtualenvrc <<EOF
	export WORKON_HOME="$HOME/pyves"
	export PROJECT_HOME="$HOME/pyves"
	source /usr/bin/
	$ source  ~/.virtualenvrc
	$ cat >>~/.bashrc <<EOF
	source $HOME/.virtualenvrc
	$ mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python2.7 v27
	$ workon v27
	$ pip install pywapi django sqlite3

###Deployment Python Script Copy the script to some directory, mine is under /root/code/weather. If we want cron to call the virtual environment, we have to create a script and in the script to call the python script.

	# Export everything.
	source /root/.bashrc
	# Change to the virtual environment
	workon v27
	# Call python
	python /root/code/weather/

Now we add this script to crontab, at every whole point, each hour it will run once.

	crontab -e
	0 */1 * * * /root/code/weather/
	15 */1 * * * /root/code/weather/
	30 */1 * * * /root/code/weather/

Now at every 0/15/30, our cron job will be run, and retrieve the data generate the flot image for displaying.