Trouble-Shotting on Wordpress

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Since the Wordpress is located at home, there are several problems for dealing with. ###Changeing Apache Listening Port Nanjing Unicom has banned the port 80, thus I have to change the default listening port of apache from 80 to other ports. Following is How-To: First import an variable in /etc/apache2/envvars:

	export VHOST_PORT_HTTP=7777

Then Change the /etc/apache2/ports.conf:

	# NameVirtualHost *:80
	# Listen 80
	NameVirtualHost *:${VHOST_PORT_HTTP}

Finally change the site-enabled:

	root@arm:/etc/apache2# cat sites-enabled/000-default
	<VirtualHost *:${VHOST_PORT_HTTP}>

Now restart the apache2 service, you should see the apache listens the 7777 port.

	/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

###Configurating the WordPress Install this light-weight browser for changing configurations.

	pacman -S midori

After remote login with “ssh -Y”, simply input:


Then you can get a local window. But wait, midori relies on window, but we’d better do everything in command-line for savign the bandwidth, thus we install the elinks, and use it for configurating the wordpress.

	$ apt-get install elinks

You have to change the configuration->General, from to, then we can change the port and let it show in browser.

Now you can access the wordpress in everywhere.