Updating apache configuration

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Due to ArchLinux’s “pacman -Syu –noconfirm”, My apache upgraded from 2.2 to 2.4, thus the configuration file won’t work for the new version. When using “systemctl restart httpd.service”, it complains some module won’t be loaded.

For solving this problem, first make sure you upgraded to the newest version, then go to directory of “/etc/httpd/conf”, backup your own httpd.conf, then move the httpd.conf.pacnew into httpd.conf, then restart the httpd.service.

The configuration of the httpd.conf should also be upgraded, notice the following lines in my own configuration file:

	DocumentRoot "/home/Trusty/code/octo/heroku/Tomcat/public"
	#DocumentRoot "/srv/http"
	#<Directory "/srv/http">
	<Directory "/home/Trusty/code/octo/heroku/Tomcat/public">

Restart again, and now your apache should work properly again.