Write Local ntp sync server

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Due to frequently query the ntp webserver, the website is banned by the administrator, thus I have to think about another way for updating the local machine’s time on OpenWRT.
First, install the coreutils-date: opkg install coreutils-date Add the no-login for local server: cat id_rsa.pub | ssh ddddd@1xx.xxx.xxx.xxx ‘cat >.ssh/authorized_keys’ Now you can directly call remote command via: ssh ddddd@1xx.xxx.xxx.xxx ls OK, we update the time.sh

#echo $http_proxy
#echo $https_proxy
#date $(wget -O - "http://www.timeapi.org/utc/in+eight+hours" 2>/dev/null | sed s/[-T:+]/\ /g | awk '{print $2,$3,$4,$5,".",$6}' | tr -d " " )
timestring=`ssh ddddd@1xx.xxx.xxx.xxx date`
echo $timestring
/usr/bin/date -s "$timestring"

Add the following line into the crontab * */3 * * * /bin/time.sh Now you can enjoy the local server updated time.