Using pelican for blogging(1)

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Getting Start

Install pelican via pip: pip install pelican Getting started Manual:, and the command is listed as following:

	# Make sure your pelican is the newest
	$ pip install --upgrade pelican
	$ mkdir ~/code/yoursitename
	$ cd ~/code/yoursitename
	$ pelican-quickstart

The “pelican-quickstart” will ask you some questions, after answer all of the questions, you will have a start-up point for the website.

If your content is OK, run

	$ make html && make serve

will generate the html files and preview it on the server.

Change the Theme

Copy the offical themes into your own directory:

	$ git clone --recursive ~/pelican-themes

Set the default theme in your

	# Use theme for our own 
	# THEME = "/home/Trusty/pelican-themes/mnmlist"
	# THEME = "/home/Trusty/pelican-themes/storm"
	THEME = "/home/Trusty/pelican-themes/html5-dopetrope"

Regenerate the site:

	$ make html && make serve

Notice the pelican is pretty slow for rendering all of the content. For some themes, it may take up to several minutes for generating the whole site!