Moving blogs from Qzone to My Own website

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Since I’ve wrote blog for more than 7 year, I decide to use my own website to hold all of the articles. So I will start a task for transferring all of the written articles to a new website. Following will be the steps for transferring.
###Which blog system I will use I decide to use static webiste, since the speed is much more faster than the database-based website, and it doesn’t have complicated configuration. Also It’s easy to backup and deploy.
I don’t want to use Octopress, because Octopress is good for recording for technical issues. And Octopress is based on ruby, while I decide to try python based static website generator.
I will choose Hyde. The website for Hyde is located at “”, you can get the brief introduction on this website.
###Installation Install hyde directly from yaourt:

	$ yaourt hyde

Or you can directly download the package from the website, and unzip it to a suitable directory, install it.
The most simplest way is via:

	$ pip install hyde

Because my machine runs python3, while hyde currently works under python2, everytime I use hyde, just:

	$ workon venv2
	$ which hyde

It is recommended that use virtualenv to seperate the hyde environment from other python projects. Refer to “”
###Get Demo Site run Create the website:

	$ hyde create

Compile all of the hyde source in the “deploy” directory:

	$ hyde gen

Run a light-weight server enable you to preview the current website $ hyde serve Browser “http://localhost:8080” will see the current website.

After careful consideration, I think maybe I will try hyde later, because a better tool named pelican may fit me better.