Use Eclipse and C/C++ to develop on Beaglebone

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###Local Development on Beaglebone board. On Beagle to verify local development:

	#include <iostream>
	using namespace std;
	int main()
		cout<<"Hello Beagle World!"<<endl;
		return 0;

Compile and run:

	$ g++ -o test test.cpp
	$ ./test
	Hello Beagle World!

###Using Cross-compiler for developing applications for Beaglebone Launch eclipse, then install new software via help-> Install new software, make sure installed CDT. then we will install RSE.

	$ pwd
	cp -ar /home/Trusty/Downloads/RSE/eclipse/features/* ./
	cd ../plugins/
	cp -ar /home/Trusty/Downloads/RSE/eclipse/plugins/* ./

This installed the RSE(Remote System Explorer). We can use it for browsing the remote beaglebone board.