Cut your pdf into 6 inch in Linux

TurnToJPG -->

###Preparation Yaourt briss will show the following result:

	1 aur/briss 0.9-2 (58)
	    Java tool to crop pages of PDF documents to one or more regions selected with a GUI.
	==> Enter n° of packages to be installed (ex: 1 2 3 or 1-3)

Install it and now we will going to cut our pdfs. ###Cutting First you can manually cut your pdf, and set it to fit your own size.Simply input “briss” then you can got a window for your operation.
Or via command line:

	$ briss -s Your_pdf.pdf

The result is listed as following:


###Tips How to resize your image to fixed size:

	$ convert -resize 1000x from.jpg to.jpg