Download Source Code in ArchLinux

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Install abs and base-devel

	$ pacman -S abs base-devel

As root, edit /etc/abs.conf to include your desired repositories:

	REPOS=(core extra community multilib !testing !community-testing !multilib-testing
	!staging !community-staging !gnome-unstable !kde-unstable)

As root, run “abs” to download the Arch Build System(ABS) tree.
Find out which package the command belongs to, then use pacman -Ss to get the more detailed information, for example:

	[root@XXXyyy abs]# pacman -Qo audacious
	/usr/bin/audacious is owned by audacious 3.4.1-1
	[root@XXXyyy abs]# pacman -Ss audacious
	extra/audacious 3.4.1-1 [installed]
	    Lightweight, advanced audio player focused on audio quality
	extra/audacious-plugins 3.4.1-2 [installed]
	    Plugins for Audacious

Copy the description file from /var/abs/extra/ to your own place, then make the package :

	cp -r audacious* /media/x/code/

Then build the package, and also you can get the source files.