Run mini_snmpd on OpenWRT

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###OpenWRT Configuration Install mini_snmpd:

	$ opkg update
	$ opkg install mini-snmpd

Configure mini_snmpd: mainly changes: option enabled 1, then change the option contact and location. But infact we can only fetch list interfaces in cacti:

	root@OpenWrt:~# cat /etc/config/mini_snmpd 
	config mini_snmpd
		option enabled 1
		option ipv6 0
		option community 'public'
		option contact ''
		option location 'Asia/China/Nanjing'
		# enable basic disk usage statistics on specified mountpoint
		list disks '/jffs'
		list disks '/tmp'
		# enable basic network statistics on specified interface
		# 4 interfaces maximum, as named in /etc/config/network
		list interfaces 'loopback'
		list interfaces 'lan'
		list interfaces 'wan'

Restart the mini_snmpd:

	$ /etc/init.d/mini_snmpd restart

###Cacti Configuration Add a new device named OpenWRT, the configuration may like following:

	Change the Host Template to Generic SNMP-enabled Host
	Downed Device Detection - Ping
	Ping Method - ICMP Ping

Then you can add your own data sources, graph templates, new graph, new graph Trees, then display them. the picture may looks like as following:

Alt text