My Translator in ArchLinux+Awesome

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###BackGround My requirement is quite simple: I read many english content based website everyday, this means I always encounter many unkown words. My solution is use a translatio software or directly refer them in But all of these ways were time-consuming process: you have to switch to other software, or you have to open new tabs in your web brower. So do we have a more sufficient way for doing these steps? I used a whole morning of my saturday and finished this procedure.
###Preparation You have to install google translator for CLI in ArchLinux’s yaourt, you can choose git version or standard version , I choose git version:

	$ yaourt -S google-translate-cli-git

After the installation, you can refer to for more detailed usage for this tool. For example:

	[Trusty@DashArch ~]$ trs {=zh} "Hello, world"

###Using Notification under awesome Yes we can use “notify-send” to directly display something on the screen, but notify-send is not convinient for us to control its behavior,

	notify-send $title $result --icon=dialog-information

So we will use awesome’s own notification module, name naughty. But first we have to add a new globle variable in rc.lua which under your own configuration directory, mine is under:

[Trusty@DashArch ~]$ cat /home/Trusty/.config/awesome/rc.lua | more
-- Standard awesome library
-- Notification library
local naughty = require("naughty")
naughty1 = require("naughty")

If we directly using rc.lua’s local variable “naughty”, awesome will complaint it cannot find the variable thus cannot display notification.
The method for displaying notification via naughty is as: echo ‘naughty1.notify({title = “testing”, text = “naughty”})’ | awesome-client - Notice naughty1 is the newly added variable in our configuration file.
###Our own bash script

# check parameters
if [ $# -lt $EXPECTED_ARGS ]
	echo "Usage: `basename $0` Your_Tranlate_Word"
	notify-send "null" "null" --icon=dialog-information
	exit -1
declare -a result1
result1=`trs {=zh} "$@"`
for var in ${result1[@]};do
	result=$result' '$var
echo "naughty1.notify({title = \"$title\", text = \"$result\", timeout = 5, height = 100, font = \"Verdana 20\", bg = \"BB68D9\", timeout=5})" | awesome-client -

###Result The script is called via:
when you are browsing the webpage, if you encounter the words, simply press mod4+r, it will call the ‘run’ window, input “Your words” then you will get the notification window at the top right of your monitor. This window will last for 5 seconds, then vanished. the image is like following:

Finally we can enjoy the non-blocking thinking reading now.